What is the difference between video games and Esports?

Apr 14th, 2024
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Many people would say "None!" Esports is just a name for playing video games competitively. At TotalVU we see important distinctions. Let me explain. First of all, Esports are based on teams.  Games that are played as a team, or even require a team to play. As we know, not all video games are like that... team oriented. Free-for-all, Battle Royale, you can come up with your own description of games where it is every man, woman or child for themselves. Literally.

Our term "video games" would obviously include all those games. It also includes team games. The key is that Esports, at least from our perspective, are team sports. They are organized. They have matches, tournaments, leagues. They may even be in the Olympic Games soon!

Now you may be thinking, well there are one-person sports too! And you would be right! Golf, bowling, tennis leap to mind. And they also have tournaments (The Masters for example) and matches (The Match for example duh) And you say (or your inner voice is saying) I can play team games as a solo player. And you are right again! You can join a match lobby and play with random galaxy hopping blaster-slingers, in a free for all or join them on their team.

Here's the thing. There is a team mindset to games, matches, tournaments, leagues where you play in a group. You learn important things about personal dynamics, language skills, managing egos, not hogging the ball/flag/wool/<your favorite thing to hog here>. You learn from each other. You have coaches who teach you things too. Not just cool moves, but life lessons. Hope this makes it clear that there are a lot of valuable things to experience on a team in Esports. So if you are not the type to become an influencer steaming solo (like, only your immediately family every tunes in?)

That's OK. That is MORE than OK. Because there is a team waiting for you!