Halo CE 2v2 Tournament Rules

Your team must be available and ready to play at the start of each round. If the previous round is still being played, it is up to you to make sure you are present for the start of your next round.


  • 2v2
  • Double Elimination
  • All games will be Slayer
  • Best of 5
  • Finals Best of 7
  • Host:
  • Cheating: All accusations of cheating or violation of any of the listed rules require UGC Staff to enforce any penalties. The burden of proof is on the accusing party.


  • Battle Creek
  • Prisoner
  • Hang em High
  • Chill Out
  • Derelict
  • Damnation

2v2 Settings:
All settings below are those that are not default for team slayer

  • Death Bonus: None
  • Kill penalty: None
  • Radar: Off
  • Respawn time: 5 seconds
  • Suicide penalty:10 seconds
  • Equipment: Generic
  • Score to win: 50 kills