Halo 3 FFA Ruleset

Anyone can play in the FFA as long as they have purchased an FFA pass. In addition to that, you must have a General Admission pass. General admission is part of the 4v4 team passes.

The FFA will be played over the course of Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and will be split up into time blocks. Once a player has qualified, that player can no longer play until FFA bracket play. The Finals will be played on Sunday.

Players from each game will be allowed to stay seated. If a player is not in the top 4, they will be reset and sent to the back of the line after receiving a mark on the wristband. Points will reset for each time block. Should a player reach 64 points, that player will be automatically placed into the final bracket. This player will no longer be allowed to play in the rounds.

Points will be given as follows:

1st place - 8 points
2nd place -7 points
3rd place - 6 points
4th place - 1 point
5th - 8th place - 0 points

Matches will be played with a full lobby of 8 players
Qualifying Games will be 15 min unlimited score
Finals bracket will be 15 min matches.
Players may use their own controllers
3 Stations will be used for the qualifying rounds
The top 4 players of each game stay seated
Points will only be counted for full games (8 Players in a Game)
All players must leave their stats screen up at all times.
64 points to qualify for the finals bracket
No use of the Elite Armor Classification.