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The Halo Classic Qualifier 1 (Open)

MCC Halo 3 | Dec 8th, 2018 12:00 PM - Dec 9th, 2018 8:00 PM Share now

Welcome to the The Halo Classic Qualifier 1 (Open)

Start date: Friday, November 30 and going every Friday up to December 28 (two weeks before Our Halo Classic live event)

Exact dates:  12/8, 12/15, 12/22, & 12/29

Start time: 1PM ET | 12PM CT | 10AM PT 

Where: All tournaments will be played on the UGC esports platform. 

Format: 4V4, Single elimination. 

Maps and gametypes: You will need to download all the maps and gametypes from the Xbox profile UGC events

Max number of entrants: 32 teams per tournament.

Roster Lock: Your roster locks as soon as you join the tournament. You must play with the person who was on your team at the time you registered for the tournament.

Host: The host for the first game will be the top team on the bracket. The host for the second game will be the bottom team on the bracket. If the series goes to game 3, The host will be the team with the most combined kills in both previous games. Once gameplay has begun, the host may not end the game. The only exception is if an outside player joins and disrupts the match.

Connection Issues: If a player lags out during the first 30 seconds or before the first kill the map should be ended and restarted. If a player lags out after the first 30 seconds or the first kill the map will continue and the player who dropped may rejoin the game.

Bracket: The first bracket will be random seeded, each online tournament thereafter will be seeded based on the previous weeks’ overall point standings. The points will be awarded as follows,

Points Breakdown: 
1st = 150 pts

2nd = 100 pts

3-4th = 70 pts

5-8th = 40 pts

9-16th  = 30 pts

17-32 = 20 pts

33-64th = 10 pts

The settings will follow MLG v8 

1. Primary Weapon = Battle Rifle
2. Secondary Weapon= None
3. Weapons on map= Map default
4. Grenades on map= Map default
5. Friendly Fire= Enabled
6. Team Changing= Not allowed
7. Time limit= 15 minutes
8. Motion Tracker= No

Map rotations for online series
Week 1 

Round 1 (round of 64
M1: Pit (Slayer)
M2: Guardian (oddball)
M3: Amplified (Slayer)

Round 2: (Round of 32)
M1: Heretic (Slayer)
M2: Pit (CTF)
M3: Amplified (Slayer)

Round 3: (Round of 16)
M1: Narrows (Slayer)
M2: Construct (KOTH)
M3: Heretic (Slayer)

Round 4: (Quarter Finals-Top 8)
M1: Construct (Slayer)
M2: Onslaught (CTF)
M3: Pit (Slayer)

Round 5: (Semi-Finals- Top 4)
M1: Amplified (Slayer)
M2: Guardian (Oddball)
M3: Heretic (Slayer)

Round 6: (Grand Finals)
M1: Narrows (Slayer)
M2: Pit (CTF)
M3: Amplified (Slayer)
M4: Guardian (Oddball)
M5: Construct (Slayer)

For questions or concerns, please join the UGCesports discord by clicking here.

Feel free to contact UGC staff on twitter