Sanctuary Cup Week 3 $200

MCC Halo 2 | Mar 17th, 2019 1:00 PM - Mar 17th, 2019 11:00 PM Share now

Welcome to the Sanctuary Cup Week 3 $200

RULES: Where: All tournaments will be played on the UGC esports

Format: 4V4, Single elimination.

Maps and gametypes: You will not have to download any maps from XBL. The maps are stock in Halo 2 Classic customs.

Max number of entrants: 32 teams per tournament.

Roster Lock: Your roster locks as soon as you join the tournament. You must play with the person who was on your team at the time you registered for the tournament.

If there are less than 4 teams, we will not offer the prizing.     
Points will still be awarded.

Subs: Each team is allowed a substitute player. You MUST inform an Admin in the UGC Esports Discord of who your sub is (Their UGC Esports username, Discord name, and Gamertag). The subbed player is the one who will receive points at the end of the event if they play. The player being subbed out will lose their points from the event. If you do not tell an admin about your sub before the event starts, you will be disqualified for an ineligible player on your team.

Host: The host for the first game will be the higher seed. The host for
the second will be the bottom seed. If the series goes to game 3, The
host will be the team with the higher seed.

Connection Issues: If a player lags out during the first 30 seconds or before the first kill the map should be ended and restarted. If a player lags out after the first 30 seconds or the first kill the map will continue and the player who dropped may rejoin the game.

Bracket: The first bracket will be random seeded, each online tournament thereafter will be seeded based on the previous weeks’ overall point standings. The points will be awarded as follows,

Points Breakdown:
1st = 150 pts
2nd = 100 pts
3-4th = 70 pts
5-8th = 40 pts
9-16th  = 30 pts
17-32 = 20 pts

The settings will follow the competitive standard for Halo 2

1. Primary Weapon = Battle Rifle
2. Secondary Weapon= None
3. Weapons on map= Map default
4. Grenades on map= Map default
5. Friendly Fire= Enabled
6. Team Changing= Not allowed
7. Time limit= 15 minutes
8. Motion Tracker= No

All Games
1. Resolve Ties = Off
2. Suicide Penalty = None
3. Motion Sensor = Off
4. Team Changing = Off
5. Respawn Time Modifier = None
6. Betrayal Penalty = None
7. Starting Weapon = Battle Rifle
8. Weapon Respawn Time = Double Time

Team Slayer (except Sanctuary)
1. Round Time Limit = 15 Minutes
2. Weapons on Map = No Duals

Team Slayer Sanctuary
1. Round Time Limit = 15 Minutes
2. Primary Turret = None

Team Ball1.
Score to Win Round = 5 Minutes
2. Round Time Limit = 15 Minutes
3. Weapons on Map = No Duals

CTF Classic Sanctuary
1. Round Time Limit = 30 Minutes
2. Flag at Home to Score = Off
3. Flag Touch Return = Off
4. Flag Reset Time = 10 Seconds
5. Flag Indicator = Off

CTF Classic Midship & Warlock
1. Score to Win Round = 5
2. Round Time Limit = 30 Minutes
3. Flag Reset Time = 15 Seconds
4. Flag Indicator = Off
5. Weapons on Map = No Duals

Round 1 (Round Of  32)
M1: Warlock Slayer
M2: Midship CTF
M3: Lockout Oddball

Round 2 (Round of 16)
M1: Beaver Creek Slayer
M2: Sanctuary CTF classic
M3: Midship Oddball

Round 3 (Round of 8)
M1: Warlock Slayer
M2: Lockout Oddball
M3: Sanctuary CTF classic

Round 4 (Round of 4)
M1: Midship Slayer
M2: Warlock CTF
M3: Midship Oddball

Round 5 (Grand Finals)
M1: Warlock Slayer
M2: Midship Neutral Bomb
M3: Lockout Oddball
M4: Sanctuary Slayer
M5: Warlock CTF classic

ATTN: This map rotation is for between 16 and 32 players. Should the tournament Have between 8 and 16 players, the tournament will start on round 2 (round of 16).

For questions or concerns, please join the UGCesports discord by     
clicking here.

Feel free to contact UGC staff on twitter