Apex Predator Series presented by U.S. Army Esports

Apex Legends | Kill Race Hosted by US Army Esports   

Welcome to the Apex Predator Series presented by U.S. Army Esports

Apex Predator Series rules

Prize breakdown
  • 1st- $2,000
  • 2nd- $1,200
  • 3rd- $800

  • Derby format
  • Starts 6:00 PM CST August 9th
  • Ends 6:00 PM CST August 23rd
  • Championship Round for the Top 16 teams begins on August 24th at 12:00PM CST
  • Players can play as many matches as they want between August 9th and August 23rd for score submission

    • During this period, teams will be ranked off their ten highest scoring matches
  • Top 15 teams move on to the Championship Round to compete against the U.S. Army Esports Apex Legends team
  • This Derby will only count games played in the Public playlist

Derby style scoring: 
  • The tournament will leverage new technology to facilitate the derby format scoring system
  • Players will submit screenshots of the END OF MATCH screen on-site at ugcesports.gg for their kills and placements to be tracked throughout the derby
  • Players will need to submit a screenshot of every game they play so our system can track their games (end of match stats page)
  • We will determine the top 15 teams based on kill count and placements to move on to the Championship Round on the 24th
  • The Apex Predator Series Championship Round will see these 15 teams take on the U.S. Army Esports’ team for a total prize pool of $4,000. 

Championship Round
Roster Lock: 
  • You must play with the players on your team’s lineup at the time you join the derby. No substitutions! 
  • All players on your team must finish the match for it to count

Party Privacy: 
  • It is the responsibility of the team hosting a game to make sure the party is set to invite-only. 

Connection Issues:  
  • If a player lags out during the game, that game will not count toward your team's points.

Please follow all on-site procedures, including but not limited to: 
  • Submit screenshots of your matches on ugcesports.gg
  • Players must submit accurate results complete with a screenshot for validation and match verification.
  • Follow all rules in the rules tab of the tournament
  • If you have an issue you cannot solve, ping us in the official UGCesports discord. 
  • You can contact UGC staff for support in the UGC esports discord. Both the link for the discord and all Twitter handles are listed below.

  • Please join our Discord server for live support!
  • UGC Admins are available at most times
  • Find your opponents in the voice channels for match disputes
  • Admins can answer any questions you may have 
  • Recruiting for substitutes (not to be done during a live tournament)

All accusations of cheating or violation of any of the listed rules require proof for Support Staff to make the best-informed decision and enforce any penalties. The burden of proof is on the accusing party. We highly suggest that as many players as possible take pictures/screenshots and/or videos of their matches. If no proof can be provided of a cheating accusation, the results of the match will stand.
Smurfing is considered cheating. Use your main account. If admin or staff can prove you have an account with a higher ranking, there will be penalties imposed on your entire team unto and including disqualification from the event.

Disqualification:  Any and all disqualifications are at the sole discretion of the UGC Admin overseeing the tournament/event. (Discord: UGC_Eric or RJ “Nin” Hall)

Points Breakdown: 
  • 1-4= 4 pts each
  • 5-8= 6 pts each
  • 9-12= 8 pts each
  • 13+= 10 pts each

  • 1st = 60 pts
  • 2nd = 47 pts
  • 3rd = 45 pts
  • 4th = 44 pts
  • 5th  = 43 pts
  • 6th = 40 pts
  • 7th= 37 pts
  • 8th= 35 pts
  • 9th= 32 pts
  • 10th= 30 pts
  • 11th= 27 pts
  • 12th= 25 pts
  • 13th= 22 pts
  • 14th= 20 pts
  • 15th= 17 pts
  • 16th= 15 pts
  • 17th= 10 pts
  • 18th= 5 pts
  • 19th= 2 pts
  • 20th= 1 pt

Feel free to contact UGC staff on Twitter or Discord:
  • @UGCevents
  • @UGCesports
  • @Eric_Hix_   UGC Eric#1634
  • @UGC_Nin    UGC Nin#6804