MCC Halo 1

Halo CE Double Down Week 3

Welcome to the Halo CE Double Down Week 3

Combat Evolved 2v2 rules

ATTENTION: Please be sure to follow all on-site procedures, including but not limited to: 
  • Ready up before every match.
  • Report who won your match in the match lobby as soon as the match is over
  • Your team must be available and ready to play at the start of each round. If your previous round is still being played, it is up to you to let tournament staff know so they can hold off the next round.
  • Follow all rules in the rules tab of the tournament
  • If you have an issue you cannot solve, ping us in the official UGCesports discord. 
    Or you can contact us on Twitter. Both the link for the discord and all Twitter handles are listed below.

This is a series of tournaments, each giving players points. You will accumulate points over the course of 5 weeks. These points will seed a finale. Prizes TBA

Discord:  Please click the link and join our Discord server for live tournament support!

Start date: Monday, Feb 25th 

Additional Dates:  Feb 18th, Feb 25th, Mar 4th, Mar11th, Mar 18th,(Every Monday)

Start Time: 6pm Central/ 7pm Eastern

Format: 2v2, Single Elimination

Roster Lock: The roster locks at the time you join the tournament. You will HAVE to play with the player who was on your team at the time of sign up.

Host: The host for the first game will be the top team on the bracket. The host for the second game will be the bottom team on the bracket. If the series goes to game 3, The host will be the team with the most combined kills in both previous games. Once gameplay has begun, the host may not end the game. The only exception is if an outside player joins and disrupts the match.

Connection Issues: If a player lags out during the first 30 seconds or before the first kill the map should be ended and restarted. If a player lags out after the first 30 seconds or the first kill the map will continue and the player who dropped may rejoin the game.

Cheating: All accusations of cheating or violation of any of the listed rules require proof for Support Staff to enforce any penalties and to make the best-informed decision. The burden of that proof is on the accusing party.
We highly suggest that as many players as possible take pictures and/or video of their matches.
If no proof can be provided of a cheating accusation, the results of the match will stand.

For all game modes, the hosting team will forfeit the entire map if the incorrect setting(s) affected the game. If a map is hosted out of order, the hosting team forfeit the map that was played out of order. For example, if Hang em High is the second map and played first, the hosting team will forfeit Hang em High. The first map will need to be played.

2v2 Settings:
All settings below are those that are not default for team slayer
Death Bonus and Kill penalty are off for all games
Radar is off for all games
Respawn time is 5 seconds for all games
Suicide penalty is 10 seconds for all games
Equipment is generic for all games
All games will be played to 50 kills

ATTN: If the tournament does not reach 32 teams, we will start the rounds at the rounds on the round 16 (2nd Round)
Map Rotation:

Round 1 (Round of 32)
M1: Derelict
M2: Prisoner 
M3: Chill Out

Round 2 (round of 16)
M1: Hang em high 
M2: Damnation
M3: Prisoner

Round 3 (Round of 8)
M1:  Hang em High
M2:: Chill Out
M3:  Damnation

Round 4 (Semi-Finals)
M1: Hang em High
M2: Chill Out
M3: Derelict
M4: Prisoner
M5  Damnation

Round 5 (Finals)
M1: Damnation
M2: Prisoner
M3: Hang em High
M4: Chill Out
M5: Derelict

Feel free to contact UGC staff on  

Points Breakdown: 
1st = 150 pts

2nd = 100 pts

3-4th = 70 pts

5-8th = 40 pts

9-16th  = 30 pts

17-32 = 20 pts

33-64th = 10 pts