Motorsports Gaming League: Preseason Trials

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The Motorsports Gaming League (MGL) is a competitive video game racing league focused on high school, collegiate, and open series competitors launching with its inaugural season in Spring 2021. The Motorsports Gaming League will debut with Forza Motorsport 7 for Xbox and PC. The MGL will be played in two seasons during the Fall and Spring semester of every year, with a live event promotion hosted this Summer at the SIUC campus. Our inaugural 2021-2022 season will feature scholarships and awards for competitors to play for over the year. Students can compete in teams or individually while representing their schools. The Motorsports Gaming League will kickstart into gear this Spring 2021 with its Preseason Trials, an open season for competitors to get acclimated to the league and its weekly schedule. Preseason Trials has $2,400 in scholarships and awards