Valorant $100 Micro-tournament 5/22

Welcome to the Valorant $100 Micro-tournament 5/22

Valorant Rules and Format

Please follow all site procedures, including but not limited to: 
  • Report the results of your match in the reporting tab of the tournament after your series has concluded. ONLY THE CAPTAINS ARE TO REPORT FOR THEIR TEAM
  • Your team must be available and ready to play at the start of each round. If your previous round is still being played, it is the responsibility of the team running behind schedule to notify a UGC admin to extend a grace period before disqualification for late arrival.
  • Follow all rules in the rules tab of the tournament

Tournament Date & Start Time:
  • Friday, May 15th, 7 pm CST

  • 5v5
  • Single-elimination
  • 8 teams
  • Best-of-one game
  • Grand Finals match is a single best of 3.
  • NA ONLY!
Delays: NO MILKING!!!
The UGC will not tolerate tournament delays in any capacity. We will do our best to enact a fair judgment on any reasonable delay placed on the tournament as long as any teams or players contact and notify a UGC admin. 
  • If you are still in a prior round’s match and don’t think you will make the next round start time, please contact a UGC admin and let them know
  • UGC maintains a zero-tolerance policy on the purposeful delay of a tournament.
  • You have 15 mins from the time the round starts to start your game. 
  • If your team is not prepared by 15 mins to play, your team will be disqualified. ZERO EXCEPTIONS

Connection Issues:  
  • If a player lags out during the first 30 seconds or before the first kill, the map should be ended and restarted. If a player lags out after the first kill or first 30 seconds, the game shall continue. The player may rejoin the current game. 
  • If you have a player lag out after 30 seconds have passed in-game, or after the first kill has occurred, DO NOT END THE GAME 

  • Please click the link and join our Discord server for live tournament support!
  • UGC admins are available at most times
  • Find your opponents in the Voice channels for match disputes
  • Admins can answer any questions you may have 
  • Recruiting for substitutes (Not to be done during a live tournament)

All accusations of cheating or violation of any of the listed rules require proof from the accusing party. UGC admins will make the best judgment around accusations of cheating to enforce any penalties and to make the best-informed decision. The burden of proof is on the accusing party. We highly suggest that as many players as possible take pictures/screenshots and/or videos of their matches to support their claims. If no proof can be provided of a cheating accusation, the results of the match will stand.

Any and all disqualifications are at the sole discretion of the UGC admin overseeing the tournament. (Eric or RJ)

  • Top seed bans the first map, bottom seed bans the second map, play the remaining map
  • Finals map selection will be top seed selecting map 1, bottom seed selecting map 2, and the remaining map will be a tie-breaker

Lobby Setup
  • Create a party with your other 4 teammates.
  • Select the "Play" tab and set it to "Custom Game".
  • Set the lobby settings as the following:

    • Party Status: Closed
  • Map: Select the specified map per the "Map Selection" rules.
  • Mode: Standard
  • Cheats: Off
  • Invite the opposing team to the custom game using their Roit ID.

Map Selection
  • Maps: Haven, Bind, Split.
  • Best of 1 Game Matches: Both teams choose one map to ban. The team listed higher on the bracket bans first. The remaining map in the pool is played.
  • Grand Finals: The winner bracket team gets to pick the first map and which side that they start on for the first game. After the first game, the losing team of the previous game gets to pick from the remaining unplayed maps in the map pool. The winning team of the previous game gets to pick the starting side.

 Important Rules
  • Players and teams must be located geographically in North America
  • Team captains are expected to stay up to date with information shared on the UGC Esports Platform
  • Teams are expected to attend their matches on-time. A team that is 15 or more minutes late to their match will receive a game loss for tardiness.
  • The use of Agent abilities and/or ultimates to reach out of bounds locations is prohibited.
  • Intentional use of other game-breaking exploits is prohibited.