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Postponing Matches in a League on Playday

On Playday, you have the flexibility to handle incomplete matches and reschedule them for various reasons such as Covid, Spring Breaks, Snow days, or other situations that may require a week or multiple weeks off. You can manually change the dates of individual matches if it's isolated, or you can use the "postpone league" feature to push back all non-started matches by a specified number of weeks.

To postpone matches in a league, follow these steps:
  1. Find the Event: Locate the specific league event for which you need to postpone matches. Access the league's admin panel or control panel.
  2. Postpone League Feature: Look for the "Postpone League" option in the league's navigation or tools menu. Click on it to access the feature.
  3. Specify Postponement Duration: In the "Postpone League" section, you will be able to specify the number of weeks you want to push the match dates back. Enter the desired number of weeks and save the changes.

By using the "Postpone League" feature, all non-started matches in the league will be automatically rescheduled, pushing their dates back by the specified number of weeks. This allows you to adjust the schedule to accommodate any necessary changes or unforeseen circumstances.

Refer to the platform's documentation or consult their support team for further assistance and guidance in postponing matches within your specific Playday setup.