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How to connect your discord

To connect your Discord account on playday.ugc.gg, please follow these steps:

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to playday.ugc.gg.
  2. Click on the green "Login" button and enter your login credentials to log into your account.
  3. Once logged in, navigate to the "Settings" section.
  4. Look for the "Eligibility" button within the settings and click on it.
  5. On the "Eligibility" page, you will find a "Connect Discord" button. Click on it.
  6. A Discord login page will appear. Enter your Discord credentials (username and password) and click "Sign In".
  7. After successfully signing in, your Discord account will be connected to your playday.ugc.gg account.
  8. To disconnect your Discord account in the future, simply click the "Disconnect" button.

By following these steps, you can connect your Discord account to your playday.ugc.gg account and enjoy the associated features.