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How to Set Up Discord Integration for Playday

Integrating Discord into your Playday community tournaments or leagues can help streamline communication and provide automated notifications. 

Here's a step-by-step guide on setting up the Discord integration:
  1. Visit the Discord Channel: Open the Discord channel where you want to integrate Playday notifications. Ensure you have the necessary permissions to create and manage webhooks in that channel.
  2. Create a Webhook: Follow the Discord prompts to create a webhook for the channel. Webhooks allow external services, like Playday, to send messages to your Discord channel.
  3. Obtain the Webhook URL: Once the webhook is created, copy the URL associated with it. This URL contains the necessary information for Playday to send notifications to the Discord channel.
  4. Access Playday Admin Panel: Log in to your Playday admin account and navigate to the Admin Panel, where you can manage the settings and configurations.
  5. Discord Integration Settings: Look for the Discord Integration settings section or a similar option within the Admin Panel. This is where you can set up the integration with your Discord channel.
  6. Paste Webhook URL: Within the Discord Integration settings, find the field to enter the webhook URL. Paste the copied URL from Step 3 into the appropriate field.
  7. Enable Bracket Announcements: If you want Playday to export your weekly schedule or bracket announcements to the specified Discord channel, visit the page and hit the announcement.
  8. Custom Notifications: In addition to bracket announcements, Playday also allows you to send custom notifications to the Discord channel. This feature can be useful for official updates or breaking important information to participants. Explore the settings or options related to custom notifications in the Discord Integration section.
  9. Save Changes: Once you have entered the webhook URL and configured the desired settings, save the changes in the Playday Admin Panel to apply the Discord integration.

After completing these steps, Playday will be integrated with your Discord channel. Weekly schedules or bracket announcements will be automatically exported to the channel you specified. Custom notifications can also be sent to the channel as needed.

Please note that the integration process and available options may vary depending on the specific version and configuration of Playday. If you encounter any difficulties or require further assistance, refer to the platform's documentation or contact their support team for additional guidance.